The fascination of ‘Kiriko’ cut glass

05 ––– 06 ––– 2020

‘Kiriko’ cut glass, a hand-made faucet glass is much loved as a traditional craft in Japan. Edo-Kiriko was founded in the 1800s in Edo, old name of Tokyo, and their expertise has been handed over by highly skilled local craftsmen. And then Edo-Kiriko designated as Japan Traditional Craft Products by Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry in Japan in 2014.

About the colours of cut glasses, we can see the clear cut glass and coloured one that has a transparent base layer and a thin coloured layer. In the latter, cutting into coloured surfaces and transparent layers allows intricate artistic patterns that show vivid edge with slight gradation.
The primary characteristics of Edo-Kiriko are vivid edge and sharp expressions. Also, only hand-made product cut by skilled craftsmen can be called Edo-Kiriko.

Did you know that Edo-Kiriko, which has been loved mainly in the field of tableware such as high-end glasses, can be installed into your space as an interior material?

If you are interested in Japanese traditional expression and artisan works, try using red, and blue Kiriko cut glass as fittings and lighting fixtures in your interior. The glittering light emitted from the faceted Kiriko glass, and the light passes through the colour glass has unparalleled beauty.