About Us

Harmony in
everyday living

From traditional to modern contemporary Japanese design.

Around the world we have seen dramatic changes in the popularity of Japanese interior and exterior design. The Japanese words Shoji, Tatami, Kumiko and Hinoki are now recognised by many through the inspiration of Japan’s rich culture dating back many centuries.

In 2018, Nagomi International Pty Ltd, trading as Nagomi Japan was established. Our headquarters are located in Melbourne, Australia. We also have offices near Osaka and in Tokyo, Japan.

Nagomi in Japanese means ‘harmony’ and with it is the flow of life, a sense of togetherness, adaptation and content. This is evident through the passion, design and wood craftsmanship of our products and services.

We work with an extensive network of architects, interior designers, builders and homes owners around the world to bring pure Japanese design into life. Our established network of specialised supply partners extend all over Japan where product design and quality is of the utmost importance.

Our capabilities continue to grow each day and our management team has over 70+ years of experience in Japanese design, products, service and international logistics.