Light That Reminds You of Japan

28 ––– 03 ––– 2020

The way you use lighting will be important when creating Japanese-ness in the space.

In the past, Japan had the culture to cherish candlelight or dim light in darkness. Just by placing a pendant light with washi paper shades, or a latticework-integrated lamp on your chosen spot, you will easily be able to show a Japanese effect inside the darkened room.

The light that go past natural materials like Washi papers have the warmth that cannot be expressed with the light that go through glasses or metals.

Today’s hotels in Japan, that are popular among overseas tourists, that emphasise Japanese designs, frequently use furniture with a low and wide proportion. The lightings and lamps that are placed on a lower level actually play important roles in achieving this lower proportion.

After working hard and long hours inside the bright office spaces, we recommend you have a relaxing moment inside a dimmed room with a lamp placed on a lower level.