SHOJI Series

Nagomi Japan offers a wide range of SHOJI screens not only traditional Japanese style but also contemporary which is suitable for modern minimalism interior design. Introducing these decorative wooden screens for windows or as a room divider is the easiest but most effective way to add oriental taste to your favourite places.

Incorporating shoji screens and/or shoji doors is important to achieving a Japanese design inspired room or area. NAGOMI JAPAN can supply the highest quality of custom shoji doors to suit your project’s requirements. There are many designs to select with both traditional and modern designs available.

NAGOMI JAPAN’s shoji screens are versatile and can be used as partitions for the office space, rooms, windows and doors. There are many wood species available with the most popular selection being Hinoki (Japanese Cypress) wood and Japanese cedar.

Our shoji collection is easy to install, hanging rail or track rail options are available upon request.