Characteristics of Japanese Cypress Hinoki Wood

02 ––– 02 ––– 2020

Hinoki wood had been regarded as highly valuable interior material and building material for a long time in Japan. Hinoki wood is beautiful for having fine wood grains and white barks with a slight tint of red. Also, this wood is popular for being moderately hard and easy to be processed, and since the average growing period of Hinoki trees is longer than other conifers, the Hinoki wood is expensive when used as a building material. Its durability has been proven since it had been used in constructions of temples and shrines.

Other reasons for the popularity of Hinoki wood are its distinctive fragrance, its resistance against mold, and its resistance against insects. It is also highly durable against moisture, and so it has been used for bathtubs.

If you have a look at the bar countertop at an exclusive sushi restaurant in Japan, you will be able to tell the status of the restaurant since a single plate of Hinoki wood with the same price tag as a luxury car is used to make a bar countertop. Why not implement in your home a high quality Hinoki wood, processed in Japan for furniture and flooring, and have gentle fragrance of the natural Hinoki wood in your everyday life?