Variations in Modern Shoji Screens

24 ––– 01 ––– 2020

Shoji screens are vital in creating Japanese space. They are widely used in different architectural styles, from Sukiya architecture built by famous architect, to general residential buildings. But did you know that there are different variations of Shoji screens available today?

First of all, they have different patterns, from geometric patterns to daring designs of circle motifs, to even asymmetrical patterns.

Second, if you look at the component parts of Shoji screens, there are the ones with thinner shapes and lines to make them look sharper and more modern.

There are many people in Japan who change the paper screens on shoji to the new papers every year, but today you will be able to choose resin coated papers that are highly durable, that do not require annual changes nor maintenance.

In recent years we started having items that can be used as artistic pieces or room partitions by fixing the Shoji screens in mid-air with wires.

Shojis can create Japanese expressions just by changing their fitting parts.Plus, there is a wide range of shoji options available, from simple shojis that can harmonise well with modern homes, to shojis with random design patterns that well express its originality.

We hope you will be able to find modern, made-in-Japan shoji at NAGOMI that matches perfectly with your home.