Beautiful Upcycled Dining Tables and Chairs

26 ––– 08 ––– 2020

Like the ‘Table-2’ from MATE-RE-INNO/Label Creators, the ‘Chair-2’ and the ‘Table-1’ were designed to transform the scrap wood from the veneer factory into a new product. Although it is scrap wood, it is still a piece of precious solid wood.

To gain strength with available materials, renowned Japanese designer Katsuya Iwamoto created the legs by assembling 12 mm thick solid timber in an L-shape. This joint is a design that could only be made by highly skilled craftsmen who specialize in paulownia chest. The beauty of the joint between the two pieces of wood is stunning.

The tabletop is made of boards arranged at a forty-five-degree angle. As a result, when the table and chairs are placed together, the direction of the wood grain is aligned when viewed from above, which is wonderful. Besides, the tabletop was angled so that they could use the short material for the edge of the tabletop that couldn’t be used for the chairs.

The uniqueness created by the mixture of scrap wood expresses their sustainable philosophy.