Artistic Chair with KUMIKO Woodcraft

19 ––– 08 ––– 2020

‘Kumiko Chair’, designed by Japanese designer Katusya Iwamoto,  is developed as an item from Label Creators’ SHIN-GI series, which is based on the theme of bringing the high-end Japanese traditional craftsmanship to the present day. Kumiko is a traditional Japanese woodcraft in which small pieces of wood are combined geometrically.

Designer Iwamoto combines the wooden furniture manufacturing techniques of Japanese furniture maker ADAL with the artisanal skills of the Kumiko craftsmen of Okawa, Fukuoka Prefecture, to create this artistic chair.

A pinnacle of traditional craftsmanship, the detailed Kumiko is not just a piece of furniture for everyday use, and has a presence as an art. Besides, the shadows, when illuminated by light, are beautiful.

For comfort, the slightly curved seat is made by bending the Kumiko with Adal’s unique technology. Also, a thicker Kumiko was used for this chair to make it more durable than usual. That was finally achieved by customizing their tools.



*Please contact Nagomi Japan for availability and pricing of the Kumiko Chair.